Spanish-language media still printing and winning

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Spanish-language media still printing and winning

September 04
21:40 2019
Spanish-language media still printing and winning

Bellavista Magazine among the top Spanish-language print media.
By: Elliott Rodriguez

New York, NY – At a time when print media is succumbing to the avalanche of digital and social media news sourcing, Spanish-language newspapers and magazines in the US are holding steady. Across the country in major Spanish language markets like New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, Houston and Miami top newspapers and magazines can be seen in shared spaces everywhere. 

Among the top newspapers and magazines include:

  1. El Latino Expresso: With circulation in every major city in the US, El Latino, as it is known among readers, has impressive coverage of regional and national events. 493,000 subscribers.
  2. Bellavista Magazine: It is the only glossy covered magazine that fits in your back pocket. Bellavista Magazine sustains national circulation with offices in four major markets including the North East, Texas, Southern California and South Florida. It is geared towards professionals and business owners. In addition to circulation it reports a list of 230,000 subscribers who receive a copy of the magazine by mail each month.
  3. Reporte Hispano: It is the New York Times of the Spanish language newspapers. Its articles are serious and dense with information, low on pictures but an authority on current events. It has a circulation of 200,000 across the US via subscription. 
  4. El Americano: This newspaper has grown in the last 3 years by leaps and bounds properly mostly due to its sex appeal. Each edition features a bikini-clad model usually a beauty pageant contestant. El Americano went from circulation of 30,000 print samples in the Tri-state area of NY, NJ and PA to national circulation peaking at 180,000 samples. 
  5. La Opinion: It is California’s most circulated Spanish-Language newspaper with news and reporting from around the United States. It is one of the few Spanish-Language print newspapers to have credentials for White House briefings. Circulation 160,000 samples every week. 
  6. HOLA magazine: It is the top gossip magazine in the US with roots in Mexico. It circulation passes 200,000 samples monthly mostly found in supermarkets. 
  7. Gente magazine: An American edition of the popular South American magazine has propped up in the last 3 years evidencing that print media still has a market among Latinos. 

According to Certified Audit of Circulations (CAC), a recognized leader in cross-media verification, reports that major Spanish-language print media has not suffered the same fate as English-based newspapers because the digital gab among minority readers. Yet the newspapers themselves compete toe-to-toe with mainstream print media for advertisers. According to CAC the top 5 print newspapers have the higher number of advertisers per reader and a more diverse pool of advertisers.

“I think the difference is that we cover local events as much as we cover national current events, and our readers are likely to appear in the pages of our magazine making it a collectible item,” shared Agusto Avila, owner of Bellavista Magazine.

CAC reports that advertisers such as restaurants, political ads and car dealerships prefer to advertise in Spanish-language print newspaper then in print edition of the The Times or the Heralds of the world.

“What has made us major media outlets is focusing on the minor details of retail-journalism,” Avila adds.

Nevertheless, all the top newspapers do have online presence on Instagram and Facebook complementing their coverage of the print editions.  

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