Clean Water & Air Is A Crucial Consideration

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Clean Water & Air Is A Crucial Consideration

April 03
00:09 2020
Clean Water & Air Is A Crucial Consideration

Ryan Fisher, Primary Service Group
Ryan Fisher, owner of Primary Service Group, passionate about clean water & clean air

MAPLEWOOD, NJ When emergencies strike, one of the first things people grab off the shelves at the local grocery stores is bottled water. People understand that without water, there is no semblance of a normal life. Water is essential.

In the United States, most are fortunate to have running water available to them. In almost every community, water comes right into homes at any time of the day. Even houses that dont have a connection to water lines have wells and systems of water collection or storage.

Yet much of the water in our homes has minerals and chemicals, which cause damage to health over time. Some studies show that the very chemicals used to make water drinkable can harm us more than the minerals we try to get rid of. Many communities around our country could be ingesting or breathing in dangerous chemicals due to their water & air quality.

Ryan Fisher wants to help homeowners make better choices about their health, and he believes that water & air is one of the best places to start. Water & Air quality systems are growing in popularity every day,” says Fisher. In Essex, Union, Middlesex & Monmouth Counties, were talking with people regularly who want solutions that help them have cleaner water and cleaner air for their families.” Home filtration systems can eliminate the chemicals that come into homes, making drinking water clean and their air refreshing.

Fisher explains that there are several Water & Air systems people can get for their homes. Depending on the budget, there are great solutions for each family,” says Fisher. There are systems that go under the sink to purify the water coming out of the one particular tap. Or people can get a system that purifies the water as it comes into their house.” These filtration systems work to capture sediment, soften water, collect and destroy contaminants, and also great indoor air quality products that even eliminate potential viruses through the use of UV technology.

For people living in older homes, there can be chemicals and sediments in their pipes that are dangerous to breathe in or drink,” Fisher cautions. Not every homeowner knows the dangers that are out there. Building codes and practices were much less strict and safe, even just a few decades ago.” Fisher believes that service companies can help people know what to do to make their homes safe and comfortable for the whole family.

We use water for everything,” declares Fisher. We should take whatever steps we can to make sure our water isnt making us sick and reducing our quality of life.”

Primary Service Group offers water filtration & indoor air systems for people in the Essex, Union, Middlesex, Monmouth County areas.

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