Your Website Monitor Protects Online Businesses from Downtime Vulnerabilities

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Your Website Monitor Protects Online Businesses from Downtime Vulnerabilities

April 09
19:58 2020
Your Website Monitor is a company that provides uptime monitoring services to businesses that aim to establish a robust online presence.

It offers packages that include services that are essential to providing excellent and high-quality uptime monitoring. These services help businesses resolve downtime issues that usually affect a website’s overall performance.

A website experiences downtime when it is entirely inaccessible or unable to perform primary tasks to its users. In short, downtime issues refer to errors that cause website outage. These issues are threats to a business’s overall performance since websites are online platforms that perform various transactions that used to be done in person.

Moreover, downtime issues also lead to customer dissatisfaction, which then leads to a problematic company image. Furthermore, because of algorithms involved in ranking websites in search engines, downtime issues also cause these websites to rank lower when they experience downtime. As a result, when business websites gain a lower ranking in search engines, they also lose prospects and customers.

Websites should always be accessible to prospects and customers because it plays a massive role in promoting a company’s brand and products or services. As others may call it, it is the touchpoint in a customer’s journey with a specific company. Studies show that prospects and customers prefer responsive, optimal, and fully functioning websites when they are choosing a brand.

Recent data also show that even just a one-second delay can lead to a staggering amount of business sales. This finding motivated experts to optimize website performance through a method that consistently monitors website performance.

The basics of marketing tell you that your interaction with prospects and customers helps build your brand image. Since lead generation is now usually done online, then your website is the most powerful tool that you can use to generate leads and sales.

Causes of downtime issues

Many factors can contribute to occurring downtime issues on websites. The following are just some of them:

  • Increased site traffic – Your server can only handle as much. Once site traffic surges on your business website, your website performance might be affected. There are instances that the server’s load capacity cannot cope with the increase in site traffic, activities, and the like.
  • Server maintenance – There is scheduled maintenance on your websites. During this period, your website becomes unavailable for access. So, you need to determine the best time to conduct maintenance without significantly affecting your site’s overall performance to continue generating leads and sales.
  • Security attacks – Since websites handle confidential information that can be useful for malicious people who might use it for financial benefits, many security breaches threaten business websites. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your website has strong security against these threats. Otherwise, your website can face long-term downtime issues and delays.

Effects of downtime issues and delays

When your business website experiences too much downtime issues and delays, your website’s productivity is affected. The following are just some of the effects of downtime issues and delays on your products or services:

  • Lower search engine ranking – When your website experiences long hours of inaccessibility or unavailability, search engines like Google can limit your visibility on search engine ranking results. This means that prospects and customers will take longer before knowing about your business website. As a result, you lose leads and sales that could have translated into profits.
  • Credibility loss – Your prospects’ and customers’ perception of your company depends on how you present your brand through the website. If the website does not function well, customer perception is significantly affected. As shown by recent studies, when businesses lose credibility, customers and prospects tend to look for another—which is very easy to do online.
  • Lower profits – As a result of lower search engine ranking and credibility loss, your business can lose a significant amount of profit.

All in all, to maximize your earning potential, downtime issues and delays must be minimized, and website performance must be optimized.

About Your Website Monitor

Your Website Monitor is a company that provides uptime monitoring services to companies that aim to boost their business website’s performance. It aims to protect online businesses from downtime issues and delays through 24/7 monitoring of the websites’ uptime performance. It also offers its services in packages, each of which varies in its inclusions.

Learn more about the company by visiting its website at For questions, suggestions, and concerns, send an email to [email protected].

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