Industrial and Agricultural Rubber Products Are Very Useful

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Industrial and Agricultural Rubber Products Are Very Useful

May 20
02:54 2020
Industrial and Agricultural Rubber Products Are Very Useful

Each day, citizens around the globe use millions of products that include rubber, making it one of the most useful substances in the world. When manufacturers need parts with high heat resistance and wear levels, they order those made of rubber. The bulk of products are created used synthetic rubber made from petroleum-based polymers. The synthetic version acts and looks like natural rubber, is very flexible, and can be adapted for nearly any use. Man-made rubber is in use everywhere but is especially common in the agricultural, medical, and manufacturing industries. 

Synthetic and Natural Rubber Are Used in Manufacturing 

Before World War I, industries used natural rubber to create things like tires, bicycles, and household products. However, rubber was needed to create so many items essential to the war that it became scarce. Scientists responded by creating a synthetic version that has evolved and been improved on over the years. Today, synthetic rubber is included in a vast number of commonly used items. Some companies specialize in creating rubber products, many of them are custom orders. For example, California Industrial Rubber Co. creates everything from adhesives to conveyor belts for Nevada and California clients. 

Rubber Products Are Essential to Agriculture 

The agricultural industry uses rubber products in a range of areas. For example, dairy farmers use rubber-based products heavily during the milking process. For example, rubber elements are critical parts of milking machines and churns. Rubber flooring and stalls keep the environment safe and clean. Tires account for up to 70% of the rubber used in agriculture and are required for tractors, backhoes, forklifts, and combines. With that in mind, local farmers reach out to suppliers at sites such as and order hoses, tubing, and washers.

The Medical Industry Relies on Rubber Products 

In the world of medicine, rubber is everywhere. It can be adapted to create a vast array of essential devices and is easily sterilized. Suppliers can modify rubber to develop unique products. Medical professionals use rubber gloves to protect their patients and themselves. Hospitals rely on rubber anti-fatigue floor mats that are quickly disinfected. 

Durable Rubber Products Are Essential In Manufacturing 

Rubber is not only a component of thousands of products, but it is essential in manufacturing them. Rubber is also included in the adhesives, spray lubricants, sealants, and silicone sprays used during manufacturing. Industrial workers depend on rubber-based protective gear like coveralls, safety glasses, rainwear, goggles, hard hats, and respirators. 

Both synthetic and natural rubber have become part of everyday life and business because they have thousands of uses. Rubber products are used millions of times a day and are very common in the agricultural and medical communities. Manufacturers depend heavily on rubber products that include protective clothing, machine parts, adhesives, silicone sprays, and lubricants.

California Industrial Rubber Company is a family-owned distributor of industrial rubber and plastic products that has been serving California and Nevada since 1958. The experienced staff members at all six branches are committed to supplying customers with outstanding service and quality products. Please contact us at

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