Astro Itami Delivers Modern Rap Songs and Dance That Showcase the Power of Music

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Astro Itami Delivers Modern Rap Songs and Dance That Showcase the Power of Music

January 11
19:12 2021
Astro Itami Delivers Modern Rap Songs and Dance That Showcase the Power of Music

Humans have an extraordinary relationship with music and dance. Throughout history, individuals and communities have composed, performed, and danced to music to express their deepest feelings. Astro Itami taps into this connection to create songs and perform dances that strike against the negativity he faced early on.

Since 2017, Astro Itami has been making music and dancing. He is driven by the simple motivation of sharing his gifts with other people. The up-and-coming musician wants to show people that there are alternative ways to achieve one’s dreams without compromising one’s sense of self. Through his example, Astro Itami manifested the strength not to give in to negative comments.

As a true overcomer, Astro Itami has transformed what seemed like obstacles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic into opportunities. To gain exposure to a worldwide audience that now stays home, he recorded live videos on Facebook and uploaded songs on SoundCloud.

Music became Astro Itami’s passion partly because of the struggles that he had for years. The creative process of translating the pain into music helped alleviate some of the stress he experienced. The more he sang and danced, the less he was affected by what other people said about or to him.

In middle school, a teacher told Astro Itami that he had a beautiful voice. Her compliment encouraged him to start making music and dancing. These expressions of validation pushed the artist to disregard the voices that told him he was never going to make it. Regardless of what life throws at him, Astro Itami has learned to persevere and never give up.

The impact of this incident in Astro Itami’s life and career also portrays one of the most powerful effects of music: it connects people with each other. Perhaps more than anything else in the world, music can deliver feelings between people and transcend the limitations of language. Because he has firsthand experience with the positive influence of music, Astro Itami is effectively using his talent and platform to communicate with a global community of music lovers.

Astro Itami’s latest tracks include “I’m Sorry,” “Before The Stars,” and “Forever Together.” His effective use of social media to promote his music is only a tiny hint that Astro Itami is a modern act fit for the cultural scene prevalent today. Combining Japanese anime-style visuals, electronic beats and backing, and hip-hop, the artist has no trouble finding a niche in the industry.

As he continues to build his brand, Astro Itami hopes to collaborate with other people to create and perform new songs. These collaborations will further strengthen bonds created through music. Astro Itami wants to set himself apart from famous artists who fail to try their best at what they do. After the journey he has been through, Astro Itami is ready to give it his all to have his music heard.  

Astro Itami regularly uploads songs on SoundCloud, with his latest tracks released only a few days ago. Follow him on the online audio platform for more information.



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