Qubii Duo: The Latest Storage Innovation from Maktar INC.

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Qubii Duo: The Latest Storage Innovation from Maktar INC.

September 24
22:03 2021
Qubii Duo: The Latest Storage Innovation from Maktar INC.

Maktar Qubii Duo Photo Storage Drive Photo: retailer

Taking photos and videos of memorable life moments has become part of daily life. Whenever someone sees a beautiful sunset, a funny pet moment, or a plate of mouthwatering food, they are sure to take a quick photo of it. Because digital files filled with precious life memories can slowly build up and take space, efficient backup and storage solutions have become part of society’s technological diet. Qubii Duo is the latest offering from Maktar Inc. that provides quick and seamless backup for photos, documents, music, and contacts.

Maktar Inc. was established in Taipei, Taiwan. Their mission is to design products that improve efficiency and security, enabling their customers to live fully and adventurously. Their team is proactive about tackling technological problems by fostering an environment that allows for bold ideas. Each design idea is tested, and they create various prototypes until they have perfected a product that will make their customer’s life easier.

Maktar believes in keeping things as simple as possible for their customer base. This is the reason why they design and create intuitive products that are effortless to use. The ease with which individuals can integrate Maktar Inc. products into their lives is one of the company’s strongest suits.

This tech company’s latest innovation is the Qubii Duo. Building upon previous Qubii lines, the Qubii Duo offers users ultra-fast advanced automatic backup. Each backup session is triggered automatically whenever the device is plugged in for charging. This convenient way to backup files from a phone or tablet requires no internet connection. Instead, users simply plug their devices and let Qubii Duo work its magic. 

The Qubii Duo is iOS and Android compatible, with users having the option between a USB type C or type A unit. This gadget can also identify different devices, and duplicate backup files are not an issue. Files are kept secure with Maktar Inc.’s patented encryption and security features. Face ID and Touch ID are supported in the Qubii app, which also provides two-factor authentication to keep files secure and accessible only to authorized individuals. 

Unlike cloud storage services, Qubii Duo does not have monthly subscription fees. A one-time purchase of this device gives its users a cost-efficient storage solution. It supports microSD cards of up to 2TB storage capacity. Additionally, users can swap out microSD cards, giving them the freedom to choose the storage space they want.

Backed-up photos and files stay offline, keeping them secure from prying eyes that may penetrate online storage solutions. Access to these files also does not require an internet connection, making it easier for people to revisit the digital memories they created.

As a company, Maktar Inc. values innovation and simplicity. With Qubii Duo, they have created a gadget that embodies both of those values. Their users can rest assured that their precious moments caught on camera are safe and secure. Designed to attach to a phone or tablet charger, the Qubii Duo can be integrated seamlessly into users’ daily lives. With Qubii Duo, individuals get a storage solution that is secure and efficient.

The Qubii Duo is the latest storage solution by Maktar Inc. For more information, visit their website.

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