Singer-Songwriter Nina Storey takes the pain and isolation of Long Covid and turns it into the joy of song with the release of “I Have Been Found”

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Singer-Songwriter Nina Storey takes the pain and isolation of Long Covid and turns it into the joy of song with the release of “I Have Been Found”

October 30
00:07 2021

The modern era of music has given way to enigmas and artists of all shapes and forms who break from the norm of what we have come to expect. Nina Storey is one of these groundbreaking artists. A multi-talented singer-songwriter, comedy writer, and actor from Los Angeles, CA, Nina releases her new ballad “I Have Been Found” as an ode to overcoming the challenges of Long Covid and reclaiming her voice.

 For this release, Storey decided it was time for it to be just a girl singing behind a piano and letting it rip. For the release Storey recorded her performance video at The Village Studios in Los Angeles, in the famed Moroccan Room where other artists such as Lady Gaga, John Mayer and Beck have recorded. “I wanted to do something classic, yet timely. I wanted to record something raw and vulnerable so people could simply feel the message”.

As a long Covid survivor the song is very personal for Storey. “This past year has been a challenging one for me as I got Covid at the very beginning of the pandemic and have been seeking medical care for the many negative effects it has had on my entire body. In that time, I’ve had to call 911, been hospitalized several times and seen a dizzying number of doctors, nurses, and specialists. With “I Have Been Found” I wanted to have a moment to own for myself, just me, my voice and a piano and belting it out. It’s a song that I originally wrote a few years ago, but re-wrote for this recording. It’s about finding yourself amidst the chaos and fear and uncertainty, and discovering how much we all shine from the inside out.”

And indeed Storey delivers. Nina Storey has a vast array of musical influences from Billie Holiday to Chaka Khan to Aretha Franklin to Sia, and you can clearly hear this demonstrated in her performance. She takes us on an emotional musical ride, vocally starting a pianissimo, then building up to moments of otherworldly, gospel-inspired vocal power. Then in the end, she gently brings us back down to land on earth. 

Nina has opened for other powerhouse female performers such as Sara Bareilles and Rachel Platten, as well as headlined numerous international festivals, such as the Montreal Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Jazz Fest. People Magazine wrote: “With a voice like hers, pyrotechnics are redundant”. Her music has appeared in many national commercials for brands like Nissan, AT&T, Ford, Kellogg’s, Dr. Pepper, and Heineken, as well as major television programs like “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, and “Days of Our Lives”.

This time of evolution has led to the growth of Nina Storey’s creativity and undeniable talent. She has ultimately developed a style of songwriting that is transparent, daring and full of hope. Her music is reflective of her experiences, ambitions and revelations, turning her pain into purpose. 

Nina has expanded her writing and has translated her more outrageous adventures into creating the popular comedy essay blog called “Strangely Optimistic”. “Because of Covid, everyone’s undergone tremendous change. Whether people have experienced the virus or not, this year has left most of us reevaluating our purpose and place in the world. My sense of humor has kept me from going a bit stir crazy and is a way to cope with the good, bad, and utterly absurd. Creating both stories and music with an optimistic perspective connects us to a larger community and continues to give us hope of better days to come.”

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