Cardnl Launches New Real Ingredient Sugar Free Caramel Sauce

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Cardnl Launches New Real Ingredient Sugar Free Caramel Sauce

November 15
18:27 2021
Made for Diabetics (won’t raise blood sugar) and those on the Keto Diet.

Overconsumption of sugar may lead to serious health implications and the folks over at Cardnl (Low Carb & Gluten Free) are making a splash in the CPG space with the creation of products that taste sweet but contain no sugar.

“One of the big health concerns in society is sugar and what overconsumption does to the body. Our customers are generally in need of treats that won’t raise blood sugar, that’s what we deliver,” says co-founder Rob Benson.

From the start, Cardnl has not only gotten creative with how to make treats taste good with no impact on blood sugar but they’ve also been actively testing results via continuous glucose monitor. “A product dies if it raises my blood sugar, even slightly, I need to know.” – Rob said when asked about why he’s been wearing a CGM off and on since 2018 with no diagnosis for diabetes or pre-diabetes.

In relation to blood sugar: Cardnl has reported that hundreds of customers have been providing information to the company in relation to testing Ketones, managing blood sugar due to a diabetes or pre-diabetes diagnosis. Cardnl products have been found to not raise blood sugar, and that’s a pretty big deal.

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive with the caramel sauce in particular and the common consensus is that it tastes like a Werther’s Original candy. This product stands alone in comparison to other options on the market. A quick search on Amazon and you can immediately see the competitor’s ingredients are vastly different to those of Cardnl’s caramel sauce. “We use real ingredients like butter and heavy cream, while the other brands are using water, weird fibers, and flavorings.” says recipe creator Kendra Benson. Recent CPG product success has been fueled in part by products that contain real ingredients.

The Cardnl brand boasts a kitchen that is 100% gluten and peanut free. If you’re looking for a caramel sauce that’s sugar free and actually tastes good, give it a try:

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