An exclusive interview with the top one lifestyle influencer and dietitian Layan Farhat

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An exclusive interview with the top one lifestyle influencer and dietitian Layan Farhat

November 15
14:28 2021
An exclusive interview with the top one lifestyle influencer and dietitian Layan Farhat
An exclusive interview with the top one lifestyle influencer and dietitian Layan Farhat
Nowadays, lifestyle is a rather broad classification. From fashion to travel, home decor to food – it’s all about achieving personal goals and living a better quality of life. Many people dream of living it up and lifestyle influencers are a source of inspiration, ideas, and tips for them. Layan Farhat is a renowned fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer who hails from Lebanon.

1) Would you please introduce yourself for our readers?

My name is Layan Farhat. I am a Lebanese Licensed Dietitian, with a passion to make people achieve their goals in an easy and healthy way! During my journey as a dietitian, I started growing on focusing on lifestyle as a whole from diets to sports, beauty and fashion! My main target is to help people focus on the importance of self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem as it’s a journey for a person to enjoy living a full and healthy life with satisfaction and happiness in an ultimate comfortable way.

2) Was being a fashion and beauty influencer a dream or a career you sought for?

Actually, while sharing my daily routines from beauty tips, skin care routines and my style in fashion, I realized people started to interact and love what I was posting, and this is how it grew on me to continue this journey.

3) Have you ever changed your style for the sake of your career?

Every person on social media has his/her own style, and this what should make a person unique; so changing my style for the sake of my career wouldn’t make me neither authentic towards my followers, nor unique. I believe each person should have his/her own style, not every new fashion trend always suits everyone! Rather giving my own style for people to get inspired in their daily lives.

4) Lifestyle influencing and dietitian are 2 distinct domains, how are you managing between both?

They seem to be very distinct, rather they are interrelated together. Diet is a very important topic in each person’s lifestyle; rather a diet itself is the definition of how a person’s lifestyle is towards food! When someone wants to follow a diet he/she shouldn’t follow it for a certain period of time rather should change their whole lifestyle and bad habits to be able to stay healthy! When it comes for me to giving diet tips for my followers, I have the credibility for people to be able to follow these tips as it affects the person’s health which is very risky if it wasn’t coming from a credible source!

5) What’s the most rewarding thing about being an influencer?

The most rewarding thing that comes into mind is seeing people taking a decision to change their lifestyle and finding happiness! Taking into consideration my pieces of advice are inspiring people, “word impossible is I am possible”. Getting positive feedbacks from my followers whom I count as my virtual family gives me extra push too! Last but not the least, my top one concern is “women empowerment”, I am always there to help, support and stand for women rights.

6) How were you affected during covid-19 as an influencer?

COVID-19 was a harsh situation for everyone, many projects that I had planned for were cancelled. But looking at the bright side, I took more time and the advantage to become closer to my followers. Sharing how can they at least adapt to the changes and not to stop taking care of themselves during the quarantine that was worldwide!

7) What fashion and beauty brands did you recommend during your life journey?

I always love to recommend the clothe brands that I have tried before and got the ultimate results from! Sharing my real experience that happens with me, if it was from clothes brand, makeup, skin, or even food products. Having the authentic review to make sure I am building the right relationship with my followers.

8) Do you like to give any insight through our stage for our readers?

The most important message that I always concentrate on is that everyone should be the best version of him/herself, and always have self-love and self-respect! Each person is beautiful and unique in his/her own way. Never compare yourself to others or undermine yourself! Always remember that imperfection is beauty!

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