New crypto firm EGridd introduces world’s first Green Energy Blockchain Ecosystem coupled with breakthrough Magnetic Generator Technology

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New crypto firm EGridd introduces world’s first Green Energy Blockchain Ecosystem coupled with breakthrough Magnetic Generator Technology

November 17
09:15 2021
EGridd assures a better future for green energy through its state-of-the-art green energy blockchain ecosystem backed by a patented advanced technology.

November 16, 2021 – A new crypto farm, EGridd, is all set to dawn in a new era in the space of green energy by launching the world’s FIRST Green Energy Blockchain Ecosystem, powered by revolutionary patented Magnetic Generator Technology. The cutting-edge Green Blockchain ecosystem aims to support people with convenient access to eco-friendly renewable energy through a decentralized P2P network of green energy suppliers with energy users. EGridd is driven by the mission to enable people to buy clean, renewable energy without any extra cost, at the same price as conventional power plants.

EGRIDD is the green energy token of EGridd. 

“We bring to you an end-to-end green energy ecosystem that extends green blockchain projects easy access to all the growth opportunities that exist in ‘green’ technology, with due compliance to sustainability and protection of the environment Our green energy blockchain ecosystem empowers users with our breakthrough technology to generate, yield as well as sell electricity within our DeFi infrastructure”, stated Edrick S., the founder  of EGridd.

“Our EGridd ecosystem is compatible with any form of green energy, including the existing ones and the ones we will witness in the future. We value all kinds of green energies, ranging from wind energy to solar energy to thermal energy, and more – we are positive, EGridd will ascend to the stature of being a statutory legislator in the coming era of green energy source where you could utilize it for various purposes under one roof.”

The EGridd green energy blockchain ecosystem comprises of 3 parts – 

  • EGridd Decentralized Exchange (EDEX)
  • EGridd Green Energy Generation (EGEG)
  • EGridd Central Energy Exchange (ECEE)

The concept of EGEG is based on the breakthrough technology of Magnetic Rotational Technology for green energy generation. When two magnets with poles meet, they dispel but they get attracted to each other when two opposite poles meet. The Magnetic Rotational Technology works by placing a series of magnets in various directions. It results in a spinning momentum motor leading to the development of a magnet generator. This next-gen technology lays at the foundation of EGEG Generators, such as EGEG-01.

Per the statements of Mr. Calvin Q., COO of EGridd, the EGridd generator is designed to resolve the problems existing in the current green energy world. These include – lack of availability of adequate green technology, low efficiency of existing green technology, need of extensive area for deployment of existing green energy mediums (such as solar panels), and Low ROI. Besides, many such De-Fi projects can’t offer any tangible projects.

The EGridd resolves the problems through the exclusive blend of a revolutionary green energy technology (Magnetic Rotational Technology), De-Fi, and blockchain. In comparison to regular green energy mediums like solar panels, the EGridd Generator assures much lower installation cost. Besides, while the solar panel guarantees 10% operational efficiency, the EGridd solution promises 99% operational efficiency. Then, the EGEG-01 comes with a longer lifespan than solar panels. Last but not the least, while solar panels take 5-long-years to reap ROI, the advanced EGEG-01 guarantees high ROI in just 1.5 to 2.5 years.

The EDEX introduces a novel way to trade crypto without a third party which eliminates problems like hacking, fraud, etc. that are usual on regular exchanges. The EDEX operates on Binance Smart Chain and users can swap their BUSD to EGRIDD tokens. The company welcomes users to join its liquidity pool that offers great passive reward opportunities with the EGRIDD tokens.

“By joining EDEX, you will witness a faster growth in your investments and you will also enjoy more control over them. In other words, EDEX offers you a great opportunity to be a part of a historical revolution.”

The ECEE is the last leg of the ecosystem. It is a platform where energy will be traded between power grid providers, sellers of green energy, and buyers. Finally, the payment of green energy will go back to the initial EGRIDD token investors, thereby completing the full cycle of the EGridd green blockchain ecosystem.

“Our ecosystem assures unmatched high transaction throughput, eliminates ambiguity on electricity meter readings, and ensures better user experience with blockchain technology.”

Will EGridd be the next potential green energy stock?

“We are moving fast by leaps and bounds- we welcome the interested investors to join the business to lead the traffic for our presale.”

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