Francois Kamel the top TikToker and musician in Lebanon.

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Francois Kamel the top TikToker and musician in Lebanon.

November 17
15:06 2021
Francois Kamel the top TikToker and musician in Lebanon.
Who is the top TikToker and musician in Lebanon?
TikTok, a great medium to showcase talent, has been the most globally downloaded app of 2020. At a massive 800 Million users; it is just the perfect platform to show off some skills. These trending TikTokers / Musicians have moved beyond just lip-sync or transition videos and have successfully launched their music careers. Francois Kamel, the top one Lebanese TikTokers and musician, has been one of the most talked-about TikTokers turned musicians.

The world has changed! In almost every part of the world, every business is going digital. And the entertainment and music industry is no exception. Many years ago, YouTube became the first platform for many aspiring influencers to show off their talent. But the past few years, TikTok has taken over the role. No wonder TikTok is the marketing destination of choice for smart brands, musician and many other talents. With humor, creative videos, and hilarious parodies, Lebanese people “specifically” are killing it on TikTok.

When talking about Lebanese TikTokers and musicians, Francois Kamel’s name is spontaneously mentioned. Francois, the top one Lebanese TikTokers, is now on the forefront of the market which he has been part of it only one year ago. Despite the fact that he hasn’t started his journey long time ago, the 21 years old TikTokers Francois was able to catch up the attention and interest of many followers from all over the world who were interested in his content on TikTok. With a cumulative reach of 2.7 million followers on his TikTok account, Francois Kamel turned to be the most followed TikToker in Lebanon.

Francois started up his journey on TikTok about one year ago, when he uploaded his first video during quarantine. The video was viewed by over 9 million viewers from all over the world, and later on he has earned even more than 10 million views on other videos, the reason that helped him earn the verification badge on his TikTok account.

Not only did Francois earn verification on TikTok only, but also on each YouTube, Spotify, Anghami, Starzly and many more. After recording his first song “Kafou” which was a duet where he sang rap in both English and Arabic languages, the song gained a million views and became the first trend in the Arab World. His hilarious success after his first song caught the attention of many television and radio channels who approached Francois to make interviews with them. Note: Francois’s social media accounts are managed by the top social media company in Lebanon “World of Business”.

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