Cleansing is the kingly way of skin care, Meckiss defines the purifying and moisturizing skin standard

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Cleansing is the kingly way of skin care, Meckiss defines the purifying and moisturizing skin standard

December 07
18:09 2021

Skin is the protective layer of the body, which can resist external bacterial invasion, so the importance of skin care is self-evident. Our facial skin is exposed for years, it’s more susceptible to damage from ultraviolet rays and dust. Therefore, it’s important to clean skin as the first step for good skin. Meckiss attaches great importance to skin cleansing and leads its products to speak with strength!

Skin care starts with everybody

Improper makeup will produce skin acne, sensitivity, redness, swelling and itching, causing direct damage to the skin barrier.

Meckiss is originally imported from the UK. It is a niche brand that combines elegance, nobility and fashion. Meckiss is well-loved and a symbol of youth. The three cleansing products are easy to use and have zero burden on the skin. They are a choice that combines beauty and quality!

Facial cleanser with “probiotics”

Speak of cleanness, the first thing must be cleansing. In recent years, there have been more detailed “comparisons.” With the same effect, amino acid cleaner is gentler on the skin.

Meckiss facial cleanser is formulated with balanced probiotic, has rich and dense foam, smooth and not tight. The amino acid + prebiotics formula is beneficial to maintain the weak acid environment of the skin for long-term, restore a healthy skin state, and achieve the deep cleansing effect without damaging the skin. The specially added 8 plant essences help to stabilize the skin condition and nourish oil-sensitive skin.

Makeup remover products should do both clean and skin care

Besides daily cleaning needs, the makeup remover market is also full of specialty, each with its own strengths. Makeup remover water is handy, remover oil emulsifies quickly and no harm to the skin, and cleansing cream is more convenient.

In response to different needs, Meckiss has developed remover oil and water to meet a wider range of remover lovers. Meckiss Iris Oil remover feels refreshing, non-sticky, suitable for oily and dry skin, has strong makeup removal ability, the added veteran ingredient bisabolol has anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling, anti-bacterial and anti-itching effect.

Meckiss makeup remover water composition is gentle and skin-friendly, non-irritant to eyes, can also be used on sensitive skin. It removes makeup while retaining the ability to nourish the skin, has both ability and political integrity!

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