UHAMKA emerges as the popular private university in Jakarta

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UHAMKA emerges as the popular private university in Jakarta

December 09
15:48 2021
UHAMKA has emerged as one of the popular choices of private universities in Jakarta. This university believes strongly in Islamic faith and it is mainly based on Al-Quran and even As-Sunah. The university has plenty of students who believe in their teachings.

UHAMKA emerges as the popular private university in Jakarta

Jakarta – December 9th, 2021 – UHAMKA is one of the most reputed colleges in the whole of Jakarta. It is a private university that mainly believes in the concept of Islamic faith and they want to instil the right principles in the mind of children and students so that they know their responsibilities towards Allah and at the same time, they also impart the right type of educate replete with the modern day facilities. Sejarah uhamka is a rich history started in 1957 AD.

One of the key spokesmen for the university was quoted as saying, “We know the importance of education and also the need to impart the right lessons and use methodical ways of teaching. This is why we have been doing our best for the sake of ensuring that our education system is on point so that the students are satisfied with what they get from us.”

The university closely follows Islamic guidance and also emphasises on the need to engage in the right kind of community service so as to offer nothing but the best of services that will enlighten the students and show them the right path. Owing to the excellent work they have done in the past and their dedication to keep moving ahead in the right direction, the university has managed to make a name for itself.

There are a lot of students who want to be a part of this reputed institute and at the same time, the college itself wants to leave no stone unturned to continue to grow in the right manner. They have been listed as one of the elite institutes and all those parents who want their children to grow up as lovers of Islam and know the teaching well want to enrol their kids in this institute.

Those who would like to know more about what the institute offers, the courses they have, the admission process, fee structure, and so on and so forth should make it a point to visit https://uhamka.ac.id/pages/history


UHAMKA is one of the leading private colleges in Jakarta that has been preaching the Islamic faith and helping people be sure that they can imbibe the teachings in the right manner and also offer the best of community service as well.

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