The 7th Silk Road International Arts Festival has come to a successful conclusion, and the world art and culture is blooming brilliantly in Shaanxi

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The 7th Silk Road International Arts Festival has come to a successful conclusion, and the world art and culture is blooming brilliantly in Shaanxi

December 10
21:24 2021

Art is the aggregation of historical memory, cultural customs and aesthetic features of a region, showing the truest and most secret emotions and thoughts of human beings. It is the common spiritual language of human beings.

From December 1st to December 6th, with the 7th Silk Road International Arts Festival held in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province, a world-class art feast was presented to the global audience. In the exchange of Chinese and foreign art forms, they understand Chinese culture, appreciate the customs of various countries and realize the heart-to-heart exchange.

This year’s art festival is hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, and organized by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. It is carried out in the form of offline and online communication. Excellent artists from 21 countries and regions along the Silk Road participated in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Cultural Performances, Arts Exhibition and Art Forum in four sections and more than 40 performances, showing the artistic beauty of different regions and promoting the exchange and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign art and culture.

Classic repertoires from all over the world gather in the Arts Festival, which brings forth the unique charm of Silk Road culture.

During the festival, art groups from China, Russia, France, Germany and other countries presented 26 wonderful performances with various forms and classic plays to the global audience through offline performances and online performances. There are many operas such as Opera“Zhang Qian”, Qinqiang Opera “Zhou Ren”. The representative works with unique Chinese charm, such as Northern Shaanxi Folk Opera “All those Young and Passionate Years”, and high-quality repertoires from various countries, such as Ballet “Nutcracker” and the Concert “Over the Boundary”, have opened a world cultural journey for the vast audience.

Excellent works of art from home and abroad gathered in Shaanxi to promote artistic and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

As one of the important sections of this year’s Arts Festival, the Art Exhibition includes 104 pieces (sets) of intangible cultural heritage works from 12 countries around the world, as well as more than 50 pieces of excellent art works from the Paris Autumn Salon Exhibition in France.


Among the dazzling exhibits, more than 100 art works with the theme of the Yellow River have attracted the attention of many audiences at home and abroad. In addition, “Qin: The Past and Present of Terracotta Warriors”, inspired by Shaanxi Terracotta Warriors and Horses, has integrated the core contents of history, cultural heritage, art, cultural creation, etc. Through the combination of modern expression forms, international elements, Chinese traditional culture and intangible cultural heritage, the global audience can feel the charm of Chinese aesthetics and the ancient and profound historical and cultural charm.

Actively embrace modern science and technology and achieve innovative interpretation of art and culture.

In order to allow more people around the world to witness this international cultural exchange activity, this year’s art festival launched the “Silk Road International Arts Festival Cloud Platform” for the first time, which, with the help of cultural performances, art exhibitions and other sections, presented the artistic works and wonderful performances of various countries to the global audience, and made a comprehensive report on the grand occasion of the art festival by relying on social media at home and abroad, which greatly enhanced the influence and radiation range of this grand event.

This Silk Road International Arts Festival presents a world-class cultural feast with internationality, classicality, artistry, innovation and appreciation for friends all over the world. At the same time, it has also created a platform for dialogue and communication with the world for Chinese traditional culture and Shaanxi artistic customs, and made many people around the world know and fall in love with the charming China and Shaanxi.

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