Keruto Koi Expanding Product Range and Becoming Evolution Aqua Dealers

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Keruto Koi Expanding Product Range and Becoming Evolution Aqua Dealers

December 10
17:58 2021
Keruto Koi Expanding Product Range and Becoming Evolution Aqua Dealers
Keruto Koi now supplying Evolution Aqua products to help people take better care of their Koi carp.
Keruto Koi, One of the UK’s Top Suppliers of Koi Carp, Are Expanding their Product Range to Offer Everything Needed to Successfully Care for Koi.

Chepstow, UK – 10th December, 2021 – Keruto Koi have built up a well-deserved reputation as suppliers of high-quality koi.  They are now expanding their business to offer all the accessories needed to care for koi carp.

Keeping fish, especially koi, has become very popular recently in the UK.  “It’s great to see so many people choosing to have koi as pets,” says Jonathan Williams, owner of Keruto Koi.  “We are always happy to chat about koi and share our knowledge with any customers looking for advice.  We found that many of the people we spoke to were looking for reliable, high quality products to care for their fish so it made sense to start offering dry goods alongside our koi.”

Keeping koi is not a cheap hobby.  A koi called S Legend was sold this century for over £1.4 million and over the years many other koi have also cost six figure sums.  Not all koi are as expensive but they are an investment.  It makes sense therefore to make sure they are kept in the optimum conditions to keep them healthy.  Koi are poikilothermic, which means their body temperature is completely dependent on the temperature of their environment.  However, they are cold water animals so, although they prefer temperatures of around 12.5C, they can cope with UK winters.  Even if their pond freezes, koi can survive by entering a form of hibernation. The main requirements for healthy koi are very clean, pH balanced water and plenty of space to swim around.  This means a well-designed pool with a high-quality water filtration system is essential.

“While we do offer other manufacturers, Kerutu Koi have chosen to become Evolution Aqua dealers,” Jonathan tells us.  “They have been specialising in pond filtration systems for over 20 years and are known world-wide for their award winning and innovative designs.”  As well as filtration systems, Kerutu Koi will be offering pond liners, pipework and fittings, air pumps and accessories, nets and much more.

Evolution Aqua ProductsThe average life span of a koi fish is about 20 to 30 years usually.  Koi have been known to live much longer than this though.  The oldest documented koi was called Hanako and she was 226 years old when she died.  While this may seem too extraordinary to believe, two of Hanako’s scales taken and analysed by Professor Msayoshi Hiro.  By counting the rings of growth on Hanako’s scales it was possible to confirm that she really was as old as her owners claimed.  While not living as long as Hanako, with proper care, koi can be long-lived and rewarding pets.  One essential piece of equipment every koi owner should have is a water testing kit.  “Ideally, water testing should be carried out at least once a week,” Jonathan told us.  “That way, any problems can be spotted early and corrected before they affect the koi.”

Another important factor for koi to thrive is to make sure they are being fed correctly.  “Just as with humans, koi are only as healthy as the food they eat,” Jonathan warns.  “While you can give them occasional treats, like peas or melon, they should be fed food designed for koi.  It’s very easy to overfeed your fish and that can lead to a whole host of problems, not just over-weight fish!”  Any uneaten food will contaminate the water the fish live in and eating too much will also result in an increase in waste products, both of which can unbalance pH levels and adversely effect the water quality.  The quantity and kind of food has to be adjusted throughout the year as koi carp’s appetite levels vary with the seasons.  Generally speaking, they need less food and lower protein levels in winter than in summer.  Keruto Koi have a wide range of koi food in stock and can give advice on the best choice for your fish.

Jonathan has enjoyed sharing his knowledge of keeping koi with customers both old and new and is looking forward to helping many more with the expansion of his business.

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