Layan Farhat’s most exclusive interviews on TV and radio channels

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Layan Farhat’s most exclusive interviews on TV and radio channels

December 16
15:29 2021
Layan Farhat’s most exclusive interviews on TV and radio channels
Layan Farhat’s most exclusive interviews on TV and radio channels
Layan Farhat, was able to combine both lifestyle influencing and diet with her outstanding intelligence, thorough knowledge and passion. Her success in both domains has caught the eyes of people from all over the world. Not only did she attract people’s attention but also radio and TV channels who approached her to do interviews and weekly segments through their channels.

Layan Farhat, this name won’t be strange for those who constantly watch daily TV programs while taking their coffee or drinking their cup of tea at the early morning. Layan Farhat is a renowned Lebanese lifestyle influencer and dietitian based between Beirut, Lebanon and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Her passion and love to fashion, beauty and diet made her best fit in the position she holds now. She uses to keep her Instagram feed full of her eye-catching and amazing colorful photos of her marvelous looks, along with tricks and tips to gain a healthy lifestyle. Her outstanding appearance, inner natural beauty and talented soul emanate from within and radiate out to reach new world full of flashes.

Knowing that Layan was selected by different national and international brands, she was able to build her successful journey through out her talent, intelligence and confidence.

Not only was Layan selected by famous brands to create their content with, but she was also approached by different TV. Besides, she had many radio interviews where she gave pieces of advice about diets and offered free diet consultations for people to be motivated, healthy and well!

Knowing that she is also a TV presenter certified by Antoine Kassabian, Layan had several TV interviews and weekly segments as a dietitian and lifestyle influencer talking about recent studies on diets and how to adapt a better lifestyle that includes health, sports, fashion, skin and beauty tips. Besides, she highlights on how social media has an effect on people’s lifestyle and their interpretation about new but “unsuitable” diet trends. Furthermore, she shows how social media affects the body image and self-esteem of young adolescents and adults too, and how social media is just an image not a “perfect” image.

Layan appeared on different TV channels and weekly segments including Abu Dhabi TV (Yalla Social) where she – as a dietitian and a lifestyle influencer – covered many topics that many people were interested in. She explained how was our lifestyle and diet habits affected by COVID-19. Besides, she explained when one can depend on social media to get information and tips and if it possible even to do so. She also covered a very important and serious issue which is “bullying”, she explained how one should act when bullied on social media or any other place. Layan was also welcomed by MTV morning show, Get Fit teaching people how they can practice kind of exercises in their regular daily routine, and she showed their benefits on one’s lifestyle. Also, she has had her own weekly segment on OTV morning show where she used to talk about many topics, give tips and answer questions. Some topics included how social media and trends affect the healthy lifestyle to the bad habits, diet trends and their effect on health, especially ketogenic diets, body image, self-esteem and self-love importance. She also talked about the reasons behind gaining unnecessary weight, diet misconceptions, the best essential nutrition for pre-pregnancy and pregnancy, the importance between psychology and diets, how does nutrition effect the brain short term and long term and the diseases accompanied by it and many more beneficial topics. Last but not the least, she was also invited to Aghani Aghani morning radio segment.

Briefly, Layan Farhat is a legend in the world of diet and lifestyle, with her passion, enthusiasm, and thorough knowledge she stirs people’s motivation to get the best and healthiest lifestyle ever.

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