Gorgeous Sapphire Jewelry is Available at the Museum of Jewelry

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Gorgeous Sapphire Jewelry is Available at the Museum of Jewelry

December 16
23:45 2021
Gorgeous Sapphire Jewelry is Available at the Museum of Jewelry

Sapphires are precious gems made up of an exceptionally hard, durable, and stable mineral called corundum. They first rose to prominence in ancient times and are currently making a comeback, especially as center stones in engagement rings. Now, California residents can view extensive collections of hand-crafted sapphire jewelry and people from across the country can place orders for historically accurate sapphire rings, earrings, and more online.

Sapphire Colors

Most sapphires have a deep, ocean blue hue, but sapphires can contain just about all the colors of the rainbow. Pink, purple, green, yellow, orange, and black sapphires are considered “fancy sapphires,” which are quite rare. Rarer still are white sapphires, which have been compared in appearance to diamonds.

Rather than buying a sapphire ring or pair of earrings based on the rareness of the color, most people choose pieces that suit their tastes. Blue sapphire remains the most popular, and valuable, form of the gem despite its relative abundance.

Sapphires vs. Rubies

It’s worth noting here that both sapphires and rubies are formed from corundum. The difference is that only red corundum can be called rubies, while all other colors are considered sapphires. Rubies tend to be more expensive but, because they’re formed from the same stone, they rank the same on the Mohs scale and are considered by many to be just as valuable.

Common Sapphire Cuts

Like other precious stones, sapphires can be cut to almost any shape. However, the most popular designs for sapphire stones are oval, round, and cushion shapes. These cuts, along with princess, Asscher, radiant, and emerald cuts, all date back centuries, so they’re perfect for historical pieces like those found at https://store.museumofjewelry.com.

Sapphire Clarity

When most people hear the term gemstone clarity, they assume the speaker is referring to diamonds. However, though clarity is different for sapphires, it’s still a relevant factor when it comes to quality. Completely flawless sapphires are incredibly rare, so it would make little sense to grade them like diamonds based on clarity at 10x magnification. Instead, experts grade sapphires based on whether they look clean to the naked eye.

Find the Perfect Pairing

Sapphires, especially blue varieties, pair very well with diamonds. It’s common to see fine jewelry in both historical and contemporary designs that feature sapphires as the main stones with diamonds surrounding them. When it comes to metals, gold and white gold are most jewelers’ go-tos.

Historical Designs

Since sapphire jewelry has waxed and waned in popularity across the centuries, designs replicating Victorian Era sapphire rings, earrings, and necklaces are the most common. However, medieval-styled sapphire jewelry, often featuring simple or elaborate crosses, is also quite popular in some crowds.

Own a Link to History

Whether buyers are looking to purchase gorgeous sapphire earrings for themselves or find the perfect gift for a history buff, the Museum of Jewelry is the best place to start looking. Each piece in the sapphire collection is hand-crafted by a master artisan based on historical designs, and all of the gems are ethically and sustainably sourced. Visit https://store.museumofjewelry.com/pages/about-the-museum to learn more about this fantastic organization, then place an order for one-of-a-kind sapphire jewelry online.

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