A New Era of Networking: How Spacetym® Has Built a Next-Gen Location-Based Social Platform to Cultivate Powerful Connection

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A New Era of Networking: How Spacetym® Has Built a Next-Gen Location-Based Social Platform to Cultivate Powerful Connection

December 17
15:04 2021

The One-of-a-Kind Social Platform Helps Digitize Real-Life Experiences and Facilitate Interpersonal Connections For Those Sharing the Same Space and Time

Have you ever been to a social gathering where you felt disconnected from a sea of unfamiliar faces, yet yearning to meet new people? From work conferences to sporting events, weddings, rallies, parties, and everything in between, we share space and time with thousands of people regularly and find ourselves capturing the same experience without capturing a connection with those around us.

However, one cutting-edge social app is on a mission to cultivate connection and bridge the gap between location-based social settings and interpersonal connection. SpaceTym® is the new next-gen location-based social platform revolutionizing modern networking by empowering users to build a connected community by digitizing real-life experiences.

For many, just the thought of walking up to someone and starting a conversation from scratch can be anxiety-inducing. Leveraging the power of groundbreaking technology, SpaceTym® is helping individuals everywhere break the ice with ease and take the anxiety out of meeting new people in social settings. Safe and seamless to use, SpaceTym® allows users to instantly find out who is around them, engage in group chats with like-minded attendees, invite individuals for a private 1-1 chat, send connection requests, share status messages, and much more all from the palm of their hand. 

At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel connected, right? SpaceTym® empowers its users to find common ground in any social setting and acts as a catalyst for insightful conversation, and unforgettable memories. Attending a conference or networking event? SpaceTym® is the social business card to build connections and chat all in one place without sacrificing personal contact details. Sports fans everywhere find instant camaraderie with like-minded fans without ever leaving their designated seat at any game or venue through the SpaceTym® app, whereas wedding attendees can connect with fellow guests, share precious memories, and collaborate on post-event details with ease.

Regardless of where one might fall on the political aisle, SpaceTym® creates a unified front at any rally or protest to connect participants and cultivate powerful relationships with purpose while also providing a safety net where nearby individuals can connect with one another to create a game-plan in the event of an emergency. The perfect companion in quite literally any social gathering where individuals share space and time, SpaceTym® allows students to silently chat amid lectures, high-rise apartment dwellers to engage in discussions about accommodations, and everything in between to bring the world together after nearly two years apart.

If there is a group of people one is sharing space and time with, SpaceTym® is the one-stop solution to lay the groundwork for sparking real-time connections during real-life experiences.

To learn more about SpaceTym®, please visit https://www.spacetym.com/ or the App Store https://apps.apple.com/app/id1564700896

About SpaceTym®

SpaceTym® is a revolutionary location-based social app designed to cultivate powerful connections for those sharing the same time and space at any given social setting. SpaceTym® empowers users to chat, connect, and network with the click of a button, without requiring any private contact details and without ever leaving one’s seat. Spacetime refers to “any mathematical model which fuses the three dimensions of Space and the one dimension of Time into a single four-dimensional manifold”. This very concept of Spacetime is the inspiration behind SpaceTym® — to let users instantly connect with people they’re sharing Space and Time with. This ideal has become a focal point for interpersonal connection, yet more often than not, individuals choose to only socialize with those they know. SpaceTym® cultivates a safe, simple, and seamless platform where like-minded people sharing the same space at the same time can connect and interact on a deeper level. Perfect for any social setting, virtual or in-person, SpaceTym® empowers users to chat, connect, and discover who is who without ever leaving their seats.

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