Women Starting Over and Moving UP: Building Financial Success on Your Own Terms By Nora Ellen

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Women Starting Over and Moving UP: Building Financial Success on Your Own Terms By Nora Ellen

December 17
18:08 2021

Announcing the release of Women Starting Over and Moving Up by Nora Ellen.

Starting over takes a bit of finesse. It happens when you decide to end something you are no longer able or wish to continue and head off in a new direction you’ve never tried before.

And it can be scary, especially if you are a woman because you may feel the cards are stacked against you for any number of reasons – gender discrimination, ageism, stuck with obsolete skills, the loss of a life partner who handled all the finances.

This is why Women Starting Over and Moving Up by author, speaker and podcast host Nora Ellen is crucial reading if you are choosing to reinvent yourself. And if you are undecided about about taking new steps into the unknown, Nora’s book is the road map you need. Nora had to start over twice, by unexpected turns in her life when she was faced with a divorce in each instance. Then she chose to start over a third time … but this time, it was a deliberate choice. Because she is “fuelled by a purpose and a plan to help other women who may be walking in my old shoes.” She brings the lessons she’s learned and how she’s applied them into her own life into the pages of the book, so you can too and feel empowered while doing so. 

You get fun exercises like how to create vision boards, use post-it notes for affirmations and success reinforcement, practice imagining and daily routines to help you put your best foot forward. You also get no-nonsense tested and approve practices such as how to set a schedule to network to find and connect with your tribe, how to proactively use each minute of your morning to lay down the tracks for the rest of your day and how to negotiate new contracts with new clients. As a podcaster of Women Starting Over, Nora comes across very interesting women who have created great success in starting over, and one of the chapters is a transcript of a highly thoughtful conversation with guest Laura Kaino on how to springboard into financial success through becoming a leader in your community. 

Nora shows you how to:

  • Get back on track if you slip or when life serves up another roadblock

  • Give yourself permission to rest and recover before starting over

  • Tap into the 9 Pinnacles of Power, including the Power of Clarity and the Power of Joy

  • Identify the right reasons to start over

  • How to draw on your faith

Join Nora on this amazing journey of navigating from being broke to hope to success, of finding opportunity because it is everywhere when you know where to look and of giving yourself permission to dream boldly and live courageously. Because as Nora succinctly describes it in Chapter 11, “You are the CEO of Your Life.” 

From her testimonial in the book, business coaching client, Jeremee Quijada, says, “When I first started coaching with Nora, I didn’t even know that I had entrepreneurship exploding inside of me. … She was able to light a fire that I didn’t know existed…. her coaching has caused me to always look up, onward and forward…. she has really stirred my business passion.”

To reach out to Nora, email her at [email protected]. Her book “Women Starting Over and Moving Up” is available on Amazon.

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