Bestselling author Marti Angel on speaking with two voices

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Bestselling author Marti Angel on speaking with two voices

December 20
21:18 2021
With experience straddling two worlds culturally and in business, she’s on the way to fulfilling her mission: to leave a legacy of Latina leaders

Growing up with both parents raised in Mexico, yet grandparents one from Greece and the other from Spain & Germany, Marti Angel never saw anybody in leadership or business who looked like she did. As an entrepreneur working with coaches, she found the same lack of representation. “I have always worked with coaches, but never have those coaches been Hispanic nor Bilingual. Because they’re not really out there. If they’re out there, they’re in Mexico, but I’m talking about somebody who is like me—somebody who has two voices. Because that’s what it feels like to me: I’m living two lives, I have two voices.”

What inspires her now is to be that person, that model, for others in her community. She already has done that by teaching English as a Second Language to the Latinx community in her home city of San Diego. She experienced how appreciative they were that she could relate to them. They thanked her for that. Meanwhile, some of the non-Hispanic coaches she worked with told her it didn’t matter if her niche was Latinas. “A woman is a woman,” they told her. But Marti knew they were wrong, and she is building her business around that truth. “My inspiration is to leave a legacy of Latina leaders behind me,” she says, noting that now is the time: Latinas represent the fastest-growing segment of entrepreneurs in the U.S. 

Marti brings her own history—forbidden to speak Spanish in kindergarten, slapped for speaking Spanish in first grade, put in a closet for speaking Spanish in second grade—to all of her work with Latina clients, understanding the need to “code switch” and how difficult it can be to feel a part of two worlds but not fully part of either. “You’re caught in the middle,” she says. “When I would go to Mexico, I was not Mexican enough. And when I’m here, I am not white enough.”

Read more about Marti’s story in the inspiring new book Latinas Who Boss Up. “These boss ladies are truly inspiring, sharing their breakthroughs and triumphs for all of us to experience,” says by author, educator, and podcaster Tam Luc.. “Latinas Who Boss Up taught me more about a mix of cultures that I never stopped to examine. While there are many things shared between women of color, I also learned a few nuances that make me appreciate the Hispanic diaspora and their varied experiences. I interviewed women whose roots are in Mexico, San Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Chile, and more, from East Coast to West Coast. While our origin stories vary, we all experience life in full color and must navigate our circumstances. These beautiful women represent the world of Latina Supermamas and I am so happy to introduce them to you.”

Find Marti at her website, or on social media @MartiAngel_ELC. You can also learn more about her at, where you will find a link to Latinas Who Boss Up. 

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