Bestselling author Sharon Abaud knows small steps can get people over big hurdles

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Bestselling author Sharon Abaud knows small steps can get people over big hurdles

December 20
23:12 2021
When the doubts creep in, remember that everyone starts at the beginning. Take one step at a time and when you fall, use that experience to get back on your path.

Sharon Abaud remembers immigration being a regular topic at her family’s table. So from an early age she determined that she would become a immigration lawyer. “I come from a family of immigrants and I just knew it was a place where people needed help. Maybe I didn’t know exactly what immigration law was when I was young, but I was drawn to it because I knew it was a way I could help people.”

What she also didn’t understand as a kid was how the structure of education in the U.S. is not set up for first-generation students. “I was getting straight As and everything was so easy for me. My parents didn’t know about honors classes or AP classes or any of that—and I didn’t know about them. How is it that no teacher ever told me to take the AP classes?” Sharon asks. “I didn’t know I was supposed to study for the SAT. I did research on my own—like, “how do I go to college?”—and I found out I had to take the SAT, so I showed up, no studying, and just did the best I could. I went to a good law school and I ended up being a lawyer, but these are all obstacles that make it more challenging for minorities. My parents love me and they were so supportive, but they didn’t have that knowledge to assist me with these things. And the teachers failed me too. Those are the kinds of obstacles that a lot of us face, but don’t let that be an excuse. That’s not an excuse. You still just keep doing your best.”

Her parents may not have known about AP class, but her father gave Sharon a key piece of advice at a critical time. “I actually started to say that I didn’t want to do law because I started to doubt myself and to think that it wasn’t possible. One day I told my dad, ‘I don’t have what it takes to be a lawyer, I don’t know anything about law.’ And he said, ‘Sharon, no one knows anything when they start. You’re just where you need to be if that’s what you want to do.’ That just really resonated. Now it’s what I tell myself every time I take on a new challenging case or goal. Nothing feels too scary because I know that I’m going to figure it out, right? We’re just taking one step in front of the other.”

This persevering mindset helped when she didn’t pass the bar exam the first time, and it helps now, as she navigates owning her own firm and being the mom of two toddler girls. She advises other women that if any goal seems too big, too far away, too daunting, just start somewhere. “Break down that big goal and ask yourself, ‘What can I do today to get this started? What is one step that I can take?’ It’s usually something small, maybe it’s just research, but make yourself do something today. Because if you don’t, it becomes a fantasy. It’s not real.”

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Sharon’s law firm is at, where you will find her blog and links to videos about immigration issues. She also is on LinkedIn under her name, Sharon Abaud.

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