BGE Li Weiguo: To Rise Every Time When One Falls

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BGE Li Weiguo: To Rise Every Time When One Falls

December 21
14:51 2021

As the world is vast and the universe is boundless, the descendants of the Chinese nation should face challenges head-on and assume their responsibilities.

From Pangu separating the sky from the Earth to Nüwa mending the heavens, from Fuxi drawing the Eight Diagrams to Shen Nong tasting hundreds of herbs, from Kuafu chasing the sun to Jingwei trying to fill up the sea, all these Chinese mythology stories are testimony to the unyielding spirit of the descendants of the Chinese nation in pursuit of their long-cherished dreams. They have fought their way through trials and tribulations one generation after another as the backbone of the Chinese nation and risen every time they fall to turn the tide.

As the development of human civilization, the development of industries follows the same law. All things in the universe take different forms, different forms give rise to different industries, and different industries develop into different professions. Behind every step forward taken by every industry and profession are dauntless spirit and relentless efforts. Over the past five to six years, the fever of environmental protection industry has cooled down, revealing a depressed picture ahead, so much so that Beijing GeoEnviron Engineering&Technology, Inc. (BGE) cannot even tell whether the industry has reached a tipping point. Under such circumstances, BGE is well aware that pessimism and desperation will lead itself nowhere while reflection and forethought may provide a roadmap to a bright future. In retrospect, Mr. Sun Yatsen, the hero of the Chinese nation, pledged to “rise every time we fall” for the success of the democratic revolution; at present, BGE is convinced that the key to the sustained development of the environmental protection industry is perseverance and tenacity.

As the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu put it, if people in their conduct of affairs were careful at the end, as they should be at the beginning, then they would not ruin them. There is also another quote from the Chinese philosophy classic The Doctrine of the Mean that goes: when others can do one, demand that people do one hundred; when others can do ten, demand that people do one thousand. As a seasoned player in the industry, BGE has to grit the teeth and stay the course by committing itself to the implementation of the time-tested BGE Corporate Charter. BGE never turns to any shortcut for success, nor does it aim for unrealistic goals. Instead, BGE models itself on Yugong to make the impossible possible and follow Jingwei’s example to make a mickle with many a little. BGE firmly believe that constant effort yields sure success and time is the best judge.

As the ancient Chinese philosopher Mengzi put it, when heaven is about to confer a great responsibility on any man, it will exercise his mind with suffering, subject his sinews and bones to hard work, expose his body to hunger, put him into poverty, and place obstacles in the paths of his deeds. Life is short and time is swift. The meaning of life is a matter of choosing a profession and sticking it to the end. Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther, initiator of the Protestant Reformation, conveyed to people his inspiring words, “Even if I would know the whole world will be ruined tomorrow, today I still want to plant my grapevine.” Likewise, even if all the private enterprises in the industry will go bankrupt, BGE will hang in there amid twists and turns. Bearing its heartfelt mission and kind wishes for the world in mind, BGE will strive to be an icon in the industry, earn a place in history and represent a distinctive culture of the era. BGE will ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth and secure life and fortune for the people and spare no effort to address all environmental issues.

(By Li Weiguo)

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