Laser Wellness opens new Tattoo Removal Clinic outlet in Mississauga

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Laser Wellness opens new Tattoo Removal Clinic outlet in Mississauga

December 24
00:27 2021
After Toronto and Richmond Hill, Laser Wellness now opens a third tattoo removal outlet in Mississauga that will offer non-laser tattoo removal treatments.

Canada – December 23, 2021 – Renowned laser and non-laser treatment clinic Laser Wellness is pleased to announce that it has recently opened a new branch of its Tattoo Removal Clinic in Mississauga. The Tattoo Removal Clinic is the specialized tattoo removal division of Laser Wellness and its latest Mississauga branch is its 3rd outlet, after the first two Tattoo Removal Clinic outlets in Toronto and Richmond Hill. 

Akin to the other two, the new Mississauga-based Tattoo Removal Clinic outlet offers non-laser tattoo removal services.

“We are excited to share with you all that we have recently opened our new Tattoo Removal Clinic outlet in Mississauga. We now have three Tattoo Removal Clinic outlets in total, enabling us to cater to more clients across the Greater Toronto area”, stated the leading spokesperson from Tattoo Removal Clinic.

“What makes us ‘unique’ is that our Tattoo Removal Clinic is able to offer both laser and non-laser tattoo removal services. Both come with their own set of unique advantages- you can now easily choose the most suitable one for you based on your specific preferences.”

The laser therapy can cover a large area at a time (up to 5” x 5”) and usually assures faster sessions, ranging from 5-30 minutes. Also, the process has been a good success with the clients. 

While asked about the laser therapy for tattoo removal, the spokesperson explained that when ink is injected into the skin dermis while creating a tattoo, thousands of parts of tattoo pigment stay in the dermis. Laser therapy heats up these particles and breaks them into smaller pieces to blur and fade the original tattoo.

“We bank on the industry-leading Quanta EVO Q-Plus laser tattoo removal machine for our tattoo removal laser therapy service. Now powered with the advanced incorporation of 3 Hz Ruby, the device is even faster and comes with three separate emission modes to expand treatment possibilities beyond typical Q-switched devices. Our tattoo removal laser machines work the best with red, brown, black, yellow, purple, green, and blue ink”.

“To make the process more comfortable and less painful, we use the advanced cryo cooling device with our laser treatment.”

However, laser tattoo removal therapy may not able to remove all of colors used in a tattoo, for example white. Another problem is, with the laser therapy, the ink is never removed from the body- rather is absorbed back into the body and carried to lymph nodes. It increases the risks of uneven skin color, resulting in either hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation. Besides, the laser therapy requires a long range of sessions, up to 8-10 sessions minimum.  

On the other hand, the non-laser tattoo removal treatment involves the state-of-the-art and exclusive Tattoo Vanish® Method. Invented by Dr. Mary Arnold-Ronish, the treatment has shown to help with complete removal of old tattoos in just no time. The process uses 100% natural products only to ensure a safe procedure.  Also, the non-laser method works with all colors and requires a smaller number of sessions than laser therapy. Moreover, unlike laser therapy, in non-laser therapy ink is not absorbed but removed out of the body.” 

“At Tattoo Removal Clinic, we use the one-of-a-kind and the world’s 1st all-natural non-laser tattoo removal method (Tattoo Vanish® and UNDO®) that has shown to help with complete removal of old unwanted tattoos. In this case, we use the tattoo machine the same way as when the original tattoo was made. We go over the tattoo to expose the skin and then apply the Ink Eraser twice for 5 minutes each for complete removal. The client will be under local anesthesia during the treatment. After the tattoo erasure, we will clean up the area and bandage it. You will receive detailed After Care instructions to be followed for a successful recovery.” 

The only major problem is the non-laser method can’t work on large tattoos at a time- it can only work on tattoos that are 4”x4” or smaller.

If you are looking for laser tattoo removal or  non-laser all-natural tattoo removal, you may call up TattooRemoval.Clinic or a call at 647-559-3662 or fill out the ONLINE ASSESSMENT FORM.

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