Garden Grove Tree Experts Earns a 5-Star Review from New Tree Removal Client

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Garden Grove Tree Experts Earns a 5-Star Review from New Tree Removal Client

June 21
21:32 2022

Garden Grove, California – When Laud realized that one of his trees had turned into a hazard, the homeowner immediately decided to get a tree removal team. After talking to his neighbors and researching online, the homeowner settled for Garden Grove Tree Experts. The company had satisfied all his neighbors and had very positive reviews on its Google Reviews account.

“The tree had started dropping branches unexpectedly,” said Laud. “The unexpected branches were causing too much trouble. Last week, the wife had to take her car to the garage to replace the windshield. This was after a branch landed on her car.”

Laud noted he knew the cost associated with the branches the tree was dropping would keep going up without immediate removal.

“The family understood that it would be the car first,” said Laud, “next, the roof would be. And in no time, the tree would cause injuries to people walking under it. For these reasons, the tree had to go.”

To see how Garden Grove Tree Experts makes its customers satisfied, read this story:

On contacting Garden Grove Tree Experts, the company reportedly sent a professional to analyze the tree immediately. The professional proceeded to come up with a quotation for the cost of removing the tree.

“The family expected the cost of removing the tree to be extremely high,” said Laud. “This has always been the case for removing dangerous trees in Long Beach. However, to the family’s surprise, Garden Grove Tree Experts turned out to be cheaper than expected. The company was more than 20% cheaper when the family compared its tree removal price to two other companies.”

The tree was reportedly standing very close to vital utilities. For this reason, the team handling the tree’s removal had to be extra careful. Instead of just cutting the tree’s base and allowing it to fall, they had to cut it down 2 feet at a time.

“While the family did not understand what the team of tree cutting professionals would use the crane for,” said Laud, “the team knew it would be necessary. The Garden Grove Tree Experts team had to use it to lower the cut branches. The branches were so heavy that bringing them down manually was impossible.”

Laud’s family watched in amazement as the team of tree cutting professionals worked at an incredible pace. While the family thought the tree removal procedure would take an entire day, the team was reportedly much faster.

“In less than an hour, the company’s tree removal team in Garden Grove had brought down the branches, the entire tree trunk, and was working on the tree stump,” said Laud. “The tree stump was easy to handle. Since the family was not planning to replace the removed tree, stump grinding was okay. In less than 20 minutes, the company had trimmed the entire stump to below the ground.”

The homeowner noted that even though the dead tree removal procedure was complicated, the company charged him a very affordable fee.

“The family did not bother asking for a quotation before the tree removal procedure was initiated,” said Laud. “From what the wife had gathered from neighbors who had worked with the company, the company was 100% safe and did not charge unnecessary fees. However, when the team provided a quotation, it was more than 30% cheaper than what the family was expecting to pay.”

Laud noted that because of the benefits he had enjoyed working with Garden Grove Tree Experts, he had to give the company a positive testimonial. The homeowner reportedly visited the company’s Google My Business page and rated the company five stars. The homeowner added a very positive comment to the 5-star rating.

Garden Grove Tree Experts offices are located at 11761 Stuart Dr, Garden Grove, CA 92843, United States. Homeowners interested in the company’s services can contact it at +1 949-238-1624 and [email protected]

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