Sam Kahn on why old Fashioned Is Sometimes Best

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Sam Kahn on why old Fashioned Is Sometimes Best

June 30
17:39 2022

Manchester – June 30, 2022 – When it comes to the world of business in Manchester, UK there is a heavy emphasis on technological development and innovation.

These amazing leaps forward have meant many businesses can streamline their workflows and improve productivity, while also reducing workload and costs.

However, local Manchester businessman Samuel Nathan Kahn believes that a good business owner needs to be able to blend the two different mediums.

Sam is a big believer in innovation, and loves using the latest tech to make his employees lives easier.

However, he also believes that for some things, the old fashioned way is just better.

When it comes to organising his own day, he finds that more traditional methods are more effective.

“I write a daily to-do list. I highlight the ones that I have done and I transfer the ones that haven’t been achieved to the next page.” Mr Kahn says.

“It’s old-fashioned but it works. I only sleep 3 or 4 hours a night, and during the day I have back-to-back meetings, I have learning sessions and I study every day.”

As an incredibly busy entrepreneur, Sam Kahn finds that a good business owner needs to be able to use a variety of different tools at their disposal to get the best results for themselves and their company.

Sam Kahn also notes that people’s brains work differently, and what works for one employee, may not work for another.

Some really enjoy having a digital calendar with constant reminders throughout the day, while other staff may enjoy a more traditional approach such as a paper to do list.

Neither methods is superior, it really all just depends on each individual, which is why as a businessman Samuel Kahn needs to keep up the different ways his staff work.

By being able to understand his employees, he can craft work processes that optimise each individual’s potential and capacity.

Sam currently owns a financial claims company in Manchester, UK, where he puts this concept to the test with great success.

Samuel Kahn has been a successful businessman for decades, and he enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with anyone in need.

To read more about Sam Kahn’s thoughts on business, entrepreneurship and creative problem solving, visit the website.

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