Yoga from Home Through On-Demand Classes by Attadippa Yoga Team for Women Who Prioritize Health

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Yoga from Home Through On-Demand Classes by Attadippa Yoga Team for Women Who Prioritize Health

May 04
01:37 2021
Attadippa Yoga runs virtual yoga classes for women who wish to benefit from learning and practicing yoga at home without the hassle of commutes to a yoga class. Yoga is a holistic approach to mind-body wellness. The teachers at Attadippa Yoga help clients get healthier.

According to announcements released by Attadippa Yoga Team and Valeria Costa & Fernanda Mastani, this online yoga studio enables practitioners to learn yoga from home

It’s an ideal choice for women, particularly those in their 30s and 40s, who wish to get initiated into a spiritual journey and experience a healthy lifestyle but are unsure where to begin. The yoga practices taught here are transformational and meant to bring about a healthy change in one’s life. 

Besides learning yogic exercises, interested individuals can also benefit from reiki, pranayama, zen meditation, and herbalism. People interested in engaging in a healthful holistic practice that leads to a healthy body and a nourished mind can choose to avail this option of virtual yoga. 

The yoga in Spanish packages available with the Attadippa Yoga Team is popular with visitors to the website. The packages benefit beginners and those with different degrees of adeptness with yoga. Women in their 40s who may find it challenging to maintain a work and family life balance can save time and money by opting for online yoga and spending more time with their loved ones. The quality of training and attention paid by the tutors is no different from an in-person class. The virtual yoga training is available at affordable monthly or annual membership rates. 

The trustworthy and experienced mentors at this yoga training center are always at hand to answer questions, provide insight, and guide the practitioners to the next level in fitness and flexibility. 

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Valeria Costa & Fernanda Mastani of Attadippa Yoga Team said, “We are Fernanda and Valeria the founders of Attadippa Yoga. Atta Dippa means You are Light; our mission is to provide a safe and sacred place where individuals can recognize their true nature, inner light and to guide them to discover their qualities and virtues. This work is a compilation of over 20 years of experience in yoga, meditation, and fitness.  

Fernanda is passionate about living a healthy, well-balanced life full of meaning, growth, and abundance of love. Every time she steps on the mat, she embarks on a journey of gratitude, self-discovery, and appreciation for the beauty and simplicity of life. Valeria discovered a new world when she started her fitness journey and discovered a much complex world when she began her yoga practice. That is when she realized that she was also getting a “workout” for her mind and attitude towards life.

Sharing further insight, Costa and Mastani said, “When we started our journeys 20 years ago, we came across many yoga teachers. It took time to find the ones that we felt were speaking directly to us; this motivated us to start our own business because we know everyone resonates with different teachers. We found our voice, and we are talking to you, calling out to you, our tribe, to come and search for their light and share it.

All that we learned over these 20 years helped us to realize the importance of sharing, and so here we are, sharing these practices with our community. The more we teach, the more we learn from this incredible yoga and life journey, and we won’t hold back.”

About the Team:

Attadippa Yoga Team is a virtual yoga studio helping women lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. It helps women reconnect with their inner selves, loosen their joints, and obtain answers to spiritual queries. The best time to benefit from yoga is now when the ongoing pandemic has restricted movements, and staying at home leads to weight gain and loss of flexibility.

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