Going Net Zero For Businesses in 2021

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Going Net Zero For Businesses in 2021

May 13
19:36 2021
Why Businesses Going Net Zero Will See Positive Cash Flow.

With 2021 predicted to be one of the hottest on record, climate change is becoming a growing force in businesses. With climate-related event shaping the globe in recent years, and extreme weather with rising conditions pose a real threat. As communities face destruction from more natural disasters than ever, it can cause damage to infrastructure, water scarcity, send migration patterns into flux, and even endanger entire species. This has the potential to affect not just the Earth, but also the world’s economies and businesses.

The top five slots in the World Economic Forum’s risk report were occupied by climate change issues. Financial implications of climate change for businesses are inextricably linked to the economic, social and even technological elements of the industries. Climate change is now a top boardroom topic for executives, serving as a warning to all business owners in 2021 — it’s here, it’s real, and it’s time to protect your business.

For decades, companies have made vague corporate promises to be “eco-friendly” or “environmentally conscious” but the terms are near meaningless. Today, companies with real corporate sustainability goals are promising a path forward, a real measurable way to reduce emissions and get to net zero. Net zero goes beyond ‘carbon neutral’ to work towards reducing and removing greenhouse gas emissions from all parts of the value chain to meet the global standard of limiting warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

Climate change often feels like a large undertaking, and it is, but it truly is a case of doing as much as we can to eliminate greenhouse gases that exacerbate the already dire circumstances. And for businesses, going solar can do even more to take a step in the right direction for slowing the effects of climate change. Most business owners are having reduced energy costs with clean solar energy than the average bill paid each month to the local utility. Tax incentives and rebates are also reducing the cost of going solar for many, and with areas with net metering, there can even be a profit from generating clean energy that helps reduce the strain on the electric grid.

Businesses that go solar today are set up for a tomorrow that is cleaner, brighter and the sky’s the limit. And there are even more opportunities to go solar for businesses. Besides rooftop solar panels, if the company owns an unused plot of land or has land available near the facilities, solar can be ground mounted. Ground mounting is an affordable way to generate the maximum amount of energy without any impact on a building’s infrastructure. Parking canopies can be built to shade cars and employees while generating solar energy and helping businesses get to net zero. On top of parking garages, distribution centers, agricultural facilities, on school campus buildings — the opportunities to get to net zero are there, for businesses that are ready to take them.

Call EPL Solar today to see how succeed in the new net zero era of climate change.

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