Abu Dhabi based institute’s latest breakthrough scanner offers hope for elimination of COVID-19 through detection of asymptomatic people

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Abu Dhabi based institute’s latest breakthrough scanner offers hope for elimination of COVID-19 through detection of asymptomatic people

July 28
02:39 2021
High-tech EDE Scanner assures rapid and accurate detection of COVID-19 virus in both asymptomatic and sick people in just seconds, with almost 100% accuracy.

Abu Dhabi – July 27, 2021 – The menace of COVID-19 still has its claws gripped all across the world even after a year and a major reason behind the continued pandemic is inability to detect asymptomatic people. However, Abu Dhabi speaks of hope, the Emirates government has started using a breakthrough scanner which has proven to accurately and rapidly detect COVID-19 in both asymptomatic and sick individuals. The high-tech scanner, called EDE Scanner, has been developed by Abu Dhabi-based EDE Research Institute, which is a unit of IHC (International Holding Company).

The Abu Dhabi government has already started using the EDE Scanner this month onwards at various malls with an astounding success. The scanner has proven to offer detection results with a whopping 96.8% accuracy.

“One of the major reasons why COVID-19 pandemic has continued to circulate is because the asymptomatic people could not be stopped. And, that’s dangerous because one asymptomatic individual can infect 3 out of 10 people s/he encounters. Current diagnostic systems suffer from erroneous detection results by high margin and, also, are usually slow. No country has been able to detect asymptomatic people, until now. We are glad to share that Abu Dhabi has finally been able to isolate the asymptomatic through a latest revolutionary scanner device. EDE Scanner, as it is called, is backed by a high-tech proprietary technology that has shown to accurately detect the heinous virus in asymptomatic (and also sick) people in just seconds through mass screening”, stated a spokesperson from EDE Research Institute. 

“Given its game-changing ability to detect asymptomatic people, the EDE Scanner can warn the asymptomatic individuals about their infection risks. Upon receiving the knowledge, they will be able to isolate themselves which will further prevent the risk of unknowingly spreading the virus to others. This way, we can have better control over the transmission of the COVID-19 virus and finally would be able to look forward to a COVID-19 free day.” 

The scanner is intelligently designed to identify the virus throughout the body with any variant. After millions of tests, the device has been approved by the national Ministry of Health, and is currently used by the police, in airports, hospitals, shopping malls, and schools. 

So, how does the scanner work? 

The EDE Scanner is equipped with cutting-edge technology which utilizes innovative sensors to conduct the scanning process. The scanning process works to detect the infinitesimal alterations in electro-magnetic waves that might happen if RNA particles of COVID-19 virus are prevalent in the body of an individual. The scanner works in tandem with a dedicated smartphone app which is linked to the sensor. The whole process of detection happens extremely fast and it just takes seconds to receive the results. 

Features and benefits of EDE Scanner: 

  • Ability to detect presence of SARS-Cov-2 RNA in a person in real-time with AI-backed system
  • Detection with almost 100% accuracy
  • Ability to detect COVID-19 in asymptomatic people along with sick people
  • Also detects degree of infection
  • Super-fast detection method
  • Innovative proprietary technology based on unique properties of sensors
  • Cutting-edge processing algorithm
  • Passive Scanning and non-invasive method
  • Testing without usage of harmful radiation emission and reagents
  • Tested and proven technology
  • Assures optimum safety for both operators and test subjects
  • Protection of acquired test data
  • Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly device

“Abu Dhabi has always shown great passion for technological advancements and commendable foresight in dealing with menacing challenges. Kudos to the Emirates government for investing in such a ground-breaking technology like EDE Scanner, the device shows high potential as a promising weapon to control and even stop the pandemic. We are glad to share that other countries have also taken notice of our innovative scanner, and, apparently requests from all over the world have also exceeded the production capacity by great margins. It’s about time the whole world starts to deploy the EDE Scanner so that we can soon realize the dream of a COVID-free dawn.” 

For more information, please visit https://www.bgi.com/global/ and http://www.ihcuae.com

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