Sk8way 10Thousand’s Unveils His New Song titled “Gotta Do Betta” in his new Project, Pain & Sacrifice

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Sk8way 10Thousand’s Unveils His New Song titled “Gotta Do Betta” in his new Project, Pain & Sacrifice

June 23
04:07 2022

June 22, 2022 – Unveiling Up-and-coming American rapper, Sk8way 10Thousand, sprung from the streets of Louisiana with the dream to touch lives with his music. His signature fluid wordplay and deep thoughtful rhymes contribute to the appeal of his art. His style is inspired and reminiscent of Jayz & Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Soldier Kidd, all of whom are heavy hitters in the hip-hop section of the music industry. But Sk8way Sound is very original with a unique voice and style.

Sk8way 10thousand is currently signed and working with Bentley Records; an award-winning luxury international record label founded in 2013 that has a growing catalog of over 5000+ records with access to stores worldwide. He has released some thoughtful singles and mixtapes, all of which have been enthusiastically praised by fans and critics as music deserving mainstream media exposure. It is safe to say that his journey as a music artist has officially begun and it is up to a good start.  

Sk8way 10Thousand is the professional name adopted by Derrick Young Jr, also known as Deejai. He was born in the state of Louisiana, and he developed a passion for music at a very early age. Growing up in a fairly large household as the middle child with three siblings, Sk8way was faced with an identity crisis which was quickly solved by his intense love for rhythm and making music. Like all the greats, his strong work ethic towards his passion led to him being bullied by kids in his neighborhood. However, their constant taunts and physical abuse were not enough to dissuade him from his goal. With each negative comment, he pushes on, writes what he feels, and expresses his emotions in the music he makes; he basically considers music as an escape from his surroundings and a tool to voice his struggles and pain. 

He holds music in high regard and he frequently comments about how hip-hop helps him to express the strong emotions he has kept bottled down in him for quite a while. Clearly, he went through quite the turmoil growing up, but he is still standing strong more than ever, ready to take on the world and prove he is the next best thing in the music industry.  

Through hard work and perseverance, Sk8way 10Thousand was able to land an artist development deal with Bentley Records in the early months of 2021 and his career got its first major boost in all the years he has been grinding nonstop. It was about time that Sk8way got his chance to prove to the world that he was the real deal. Recently, he moved from Louisiana to Illinois in pursuit of his dream to improve the level of his music career and touch lives with his dense thought-provoking lyrics. Also, his move was fueled by his desire to get away from the temptations of the streets he grew up in and a great tragedy losing his girlfriend to a gunshot to the head right before moving to Illinois, he has become more focused on making his craft better. In Illinois, he got himself a driven team of like-minded individuals and like a well-oiled machine; they promptly released hot singles and albums that led the world to recognize his music.

Sk8way 10Thousand’s unique music does not represent, encourage or glorify violence. He specifically does not want people to associate his music with gangstas, thugs, or gun violence. Unlike most upcoming artists, he sings to motivate and inspire others to work hard and find the strength to overcome whatever unpleasant experience they might be going through.  

Sk8way 10Thousand’s latest project is the current best example of his unique music style. The album is titled “Pain & Sacrifice” and just like the subject implies, the CD features the artist’s personal experiences. It also represents his strength, growth, maturity, versatility, and steadfast motivation to constantly refine his art. Sk8way did not have an easy childhood. His family and some of his friends saw no merit in the amount of time he spent indoors writing rhymes nor did they appreciate the long hours he stuck around the local studio in his neighborhood. He was surrounded by negativity and disdain, however, his resilience could not be wavered by the trust and motivation his family and friends failed to show him. Sk8way’s mindset is that of a winner, he overcame the adversity in his path and transformed his struggles into motivation to work harder. He pours the pain and suffering that life dealt him into his music, making songs that hit hard with strong messages that his audience can connect to.