Lighthouse Network Offers Christianity-Based Healing in the USA

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Lighthouse Network Offers Christianity-Based Healing in the USA

September 24
00:14 2022
Lighthouse Network is a reputable helpline that offers faith-based healing for those suffering mental health issues and substance abuse in the USA.

Lighthouse Network offers inpatient and outpatient therapies for those suffering from addiction and co-occurring illnesses. Lighthouse has had success with its faith-based program. The emphasis is on the whole person, including the body, mind, and spirit. The faith-based approach provides a sense of community and support that’s frequently lacking in traditional therapeutic settings.

Those who have completed the program are happy with what they have learned. Lighthouse Network wants to continue providing consolation and hope to individuals affected by addiction.

Lighthouse Network’s spokesperson said in response to a query, “We’ve all met people who appear to have everything they could ever desire but are miserable and depressed.”

In a time when depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States, Lighthouse Network is connecting people with treatment centers across the country that will focus on providing care to those who identify as Christians. They hope to give people an option for seeking help that feels more comfortable and supportive. They ensure that each treatment center will be staffed with therapists who are also Christians and have experience in treating depression. For many people, having a faith community can be an important part of recovering from depression.

The spokesperson further added. “You shouldn’t take your mental health for granted because it’s essential to finding happiness, contentment, and calm.”

According to a study by Lighthouse Network, the majority of Christian-based depression treatment centers are seeing success in their treatment for depression. The study found that 78 percent of respondents said that they had seen an improvement in their clients’ mental health after completing their program. This is compared to only 66 percent of secular programs reporting the same success rate.

About Lighthouse Network

Lighthouse Network, is a 24/7 helpline that connects people with top Christian rehab centers for depression and a number of addiction treatment programs at affordable pricing. Lighthouse was founded by psychiatrist Karl Benzio, MD. Dr. Benzio began expressing his thoughts and opinions in a variety of settings as soon as he became licensed as a psychiatrist in 1990. He honed his professional abilities, realized the value of both science and the Bible, and began expressing his beliefs and values in a variety of contexts while also providing treatment for a number of patients with alcoholism and mental health issues. Dr. Benzio founded Lighthouse Network after five years of operating an unofficial Helpline and teaching his patients about his unique Spirit, Mind, and Body Integration. Those who are looking for one of the top Christian rehab centers for depression should consider Lighthouse Network as their top choice.

Contact Info.

Lighthouse Network

PO Box 57

Greenville, FL 32331

Helpline number – 844-LifeChange (543-3242)


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